Finding Our Locations

Both of our stores do not have the best visibility so we thought it would be best to have this section to help people find the stores

Salem Location- This location is located on the inside of the 45th Parallel Building, it is not visible from the outside so you will need to enter the building to find this location. To the left of Chomp the chocolate factory there are 2 metal blue doors you can enter through and also to the left of 503 fades there are 2 metal blue doors you can enter through, once you are inside we are in the west side of the building. 

Eugene Location- This location is tucked away in a parking lot behind the Starbucks on 7th Ave, if you pull into that parking lot and go to the back you should be able to find us, another notable business near us is SOLA Salon, we are their next door neighbors so if you see their sign or business you will be next to our store